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What Is A De Facto Parent?

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Not everyone who cares for a child is a biological parent. It’s rare, but in some cases, the courts name a de facto parent. Here’s what that means.
That’s not always an option, however. A biological parent usually has the inside track, but in situations where the child’s well-being is in question, a de facto parent may assume custody.

Daniel Warren Becomes A CFLS

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We’re proud to announce that The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has named attorney Daniel Warren a Certified Family Law Specialist.

parental relocation after divorce

Child Custody: Relocation After Divorce

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Divorce can be a traumatic event. Ending a marriage may throw your entire world into upheaval. After surviving this experience, many people simply want to get away and a relocation is an option. Some move to a new place to escape negative memories; to be near family, friends, or another …

common mistakes men make with child support

Common Child Support Mistakes

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Child support serves an important role in providing your child the necessary financial resources to sustain their well being—but calculating the accurate amount of support that is necessary isn’t infallible. Changing circumstances, income fluctuations, and the child’s needs all factor into how support should be computed. Being aware of common …

tips on co-parenting strategies

Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Signing the divorce decree can feel like you have reached the finish line. The negotiating and bargaining is complete, assets and debts have been divided, and the logistics of the separation have been worked out. Finalizing the divorce provides closure, but for divorcing parents it is also the official matriculation …

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Step-Parenting and Blended Families

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Navigating stepfamilies can be challenging for everyone involved. Whether they are your children from a previous relationship, or they are your significant other’s, blending into a cohesive unit is no easy task. While the road to successful step-parenting can be difficult, the reward of forging strong and lasting relationships is …

you can have more than 2 legal parents in california

Legislation: More Than 2 Parents?

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The California legislature is blazing a trail in custody. On October 4, 2013 State Senate Bill No. 274 was signed into law and established provisions for recognizing more than 2 parents.  Until the passing of Bill 274, parentage was established using guidelines from the Uniform Parentage Act. Those guidelines limited …

can dads win custody in california

How Do I Win Custody?

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“How do I win custody?” is often the first question that we are asked by fathers in an initial consultation. This isn’t surprising; child custody can be a complicated topic rife with stress and frustration. Understanding the information the court uses to make a decision on custody can ensure that …

cannabis and child custody

My Ex Uses Medical Marijuana

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This week San Diego child custody lawyer, Zephyr Hill, answers a question about medical marijuana, modifying child custody, and divorce law in California. The father’s question details how his ex-wife is using medical marijuana and asks if it is possible to change the custody agreement. The father asks: “My ex-wife …