common divorce myths

10 Divorce Myths Debunked

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With so much information floating around, it’s important to have a good understanding of divorce. Here are ten common divorce myths to be aware of.

what types of divorce are there in CA

Different Types Of Divorce In California

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It’s important to know the various types of divorce and what each means. There are differences and similarities. Some apply to multiple circumstances, while others have specific criteria and only fit certain cases. Being aware of the types of divorce can help streamline the process and get you on the road to your new life faster and easier.

do I have recourse if I disagree with attorney

“What If I Disagree With My Divorce Attorney?”

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In general, it’s a good idea to have representation during a divorce. The process often gets twisted in short order and having a professional to guide usually you saves time, money, and hassle. That said, it’s also important to trust your divorce attorney. But what happens if you don’t? What …

generational perception of divorce

How the Outlook On Marriage and Divorce Have Changed

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Marriage may be an institution, but it’s not immune to change. What marriage is, what it means, how important it is; all of this and more have transformed dramatically over time. Some shifts are massive and easily recognizable. Others are subtle, changing across many years, so gradual you hardly notice …

why is divorce expensive

How Much Does a Divorce Cost In California?

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The average cost of a divorce in California is $17,500. All cases will incur an initial filing fee. In San Diego, this costs $435 and additional motions bring additional fees. This ballpark range is strictly an estimate; significant assets, children, and how contested the divorce is will all add to the expense.   In complex divorces that are highly contentious or go to trial, it is possible for the cost of divorce to exceed $100,000. The cost of a complex divorce will be impacted by the necessity of experts.

how does social media affect divorce

Social Media And Divorce

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Social media has become such a large part of our lives that it makes sense it’s often a large part of our divorces as well. It’s common for people to use it to flirt online or even to facilitate affairs. Divorce proceedings increasingly include Facebook and other social media-related conflicts.

trends over time in divorce

6 Divorce Trends

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Views on marriage and divorce reflect the surrounding society, which is in constant flux. With differing social mores come various divorce trends.

she hasn't followed divorce decree

RADIO: My Ex Was Ordered to Sell Our House But Hasn’t, What Can I Do?

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EMAIL QUESTION: “My divorce decree states that my ex-wife is required to list and sell the home we owned together but she continues to live in the house and shows no signs of intent to sell or of moving. What can I do to force the issue, or what can I get the courts to do? Do I need to file something with the courts? What do I need to do to prove she’s not abiding by this judgment?”