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Goldberg Jones is a local office of San Diego divorce lawyers. We focus our representation on husbands and fathers in divorce, child custody, child support, and most other family law matters.

We’ve grown from a three-person startup to a multi-state firm with well more than 25 attorneys devoted solely to the practice of family law, specifically, the representation of husbands and fathers.

These are the family law attorneys practicing in our San Diego, CA office location.

divorce attorney for menZephyr Hill – Managing Attorney

Zephyr started the San Diego office in January 2002 and has been the Managing Attorney throughout. He meets directly with each prospective client to determine their needs and unique case specifics, so as to create the most effective attorney/client team possible.

Phil Coleman

divorce attorney san diegoPhil’s 20+ years of varied and complex litigation experience, coupled with his exclusive practice of family law since 2002, serves his clients very well.

Richard S. Kolek

Before coming to Goldberg Jones, Rich worked in general law, personal injury, bankruptcy, and estate planning. His varied background makes him a wealth of legal knowledge and a great asset to our clients.

san diego divorce attorneyJoseph P. Waters

A 20-year decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Joseph Waters is prepared for whatever a case throws at him.

With thorough knowledge and experience in family law, he’s equally skilled in the courtroom as at the mediation table.

divorce lawyerCristina R. Nuño

Cristina served as the President of the La Raza Law Student Association and Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee. She’s also a member San Diego Family Law Bar Association, and the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.

divorce lawyer michael steinerMichael Steiner

Beginning his career in one of California’s largest bankruptcy firms, Michael has a varied legal background. He transitioned to handling divorce, child custody, spousal support, and related cases full time.

san diego divorce attorneyMackenzie J. Colt

Compassionate and attentive, Mackenzie’s varied legal background prepares her for wherever a case may take her. An adept negotiator, she’s equally comfortable hashing out the details of a settlement as representing clients at trial.

divorce lawyer san diego californiaSiobhan Curley

Always wanting to practice in a people-focused area, Siobhan gravitated to family law. Her passion grew out of an internship at the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program in the Domestic Violence Restraining Order clinic.

Passionate about giving back to her community, Siobhan volunteers her time with numerous charitable organizations. She’s worked with Community Law Project and Amnesty International, among others, and received a number of awards and commendations for her service.

 Divorce attorney san diegoMelissa L. Borja

Prior to pivoting to family law full-time, Melissa worked primarily in personal injury law and corporate law. She also has a background in banking and financial matters.

In talking about what draws her to this field, she says, “I am a single mom and have had to go through the system with my son. I think this gives me a unique ability to advise, connect, and empathize with my clients.”

James F. Garland

Professional and attentive, James is an excellent communicator with the ability to explain legal issues in clear, concise language.

Before gravitating to family law full time, James worked in multiple other fields. This varied background allowed him to hone his skills and develop a well-rounded grasp of the legal process that serves him well wherever a case takes him.

Alexis L. Scott

A seasoned, insightful litigator and family law professional, Alexis L. Scott is a great fighter to have in your corner during divorce, custody, and other family law cases. With a background in multiple legal fields, Alexis is dedicated to providing the best possible representation and building winning cases.

founding partner of goldberg jonesBill Goldberg – Founding Partner

The original vision of Goldberg Jones belongs to Bill. His prior business experience and creative perspectives have been invaluable in avoiding the growing pains common to a successful firm.

His pursuit of community involvement, on both a personal and professional level, is a constant reminder of the value of our earned quality reputation and the responsibility we have to uphold it.

founding partnerRick Jones – Founding Partner

Rick is a founder and Managing Partner of Goldberg Jones. He continues to provide a level of “hands-on” support that is invaluable to each office. His personal integrity and professional ethic largely influence who we hire and how we practice law.

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