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Divorce For Men

Our firm represents clients across many types of cases. Whatever needs you have, we have an attorney to make sure everything is handled properly, and professionally.

Aspects of Divorce We Handle
What is the Divorce Process?
Divorce For Men
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Aspects of Divorce We Handle

We practice all areas of divorce, including:

The Divorce Process

Our professional team guides you from the earliest stages—filing the paperwork and responding to motions—through the final divorce settlement or trial.

  • On a mechanical level, the divorce process appears relatively simple.
  • You fill out and file the paperwork
  • Serve your spouse
  • Disclose all assets and debts
  • Work out an agreement
  • Sign the final documents

In uncontested divorce and straightforward cases, it can proceed that smoothly.

This happens most often in shorter marriages, ones with no children and little or no shared property, and situations where spouses agree on all the important issues.

The more you have to deal with, the more complex the process becomes. When you have children, substantial wealth or debt to divide, or a long-term marriage, divorce is much more complicated. You may need to fight for an equitable parenting plan or to secure rights to a shared home.

When couples can’t come to terms on these or other important issues, they often must go through arbitration or mediation. If such methods of alternative dispute resolution don’t work, you may ultimately find yourself in a trial.

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(No-fault, contested, uncontested, collaborative, mediated, summary dissolution, etc)

Divorce For Men

Divorce doesn’t just last a few months. Nearly every aspect of your life changes in one fell swoop. The decisions made in the process impact your life, and the lives of people you care about, for years to come.

Men often rush to settle for a wide spectrum of reasons, but mistakes can be costly. That’s why it’s important to do it right.  An emotionally demanding time, divorce involves much more than simply ending a marriage.

You must consider child custody, child support, spousal support, the division of property, and many additional factors.

Most men can benefit from the guidance of an attorney well-versed in California divorce law.

How We Can Help


Our managing attorney will discuss your situation and answer your questions at no charge on an initial phone call.


During an in-person consultation at our San Diego office, our managing attorney reviews the details of your case and discusses your options.


Our appropriately aggressive, compassionate, and skilled attorneys guide you through the divorce process and help protect your rights.

Finding The Best Divorce Lawyer

In most divorce cases, it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer, especially if your spouse has one. Going up against a professional puts you at a decided disadvantage. Compassionate, competitive, and experienced, our attorneys provide knowledgeable, tenacious representation.

What works best for one client won’t necessarily work best for another. It’s most important to find the ideal fit for you, your case, and the specifics of your situation.

Laws vary from one state to the next, so it’s important to have an attorney who understands the specifics of California divorce law.

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