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Child Support

What is child support?
How is child support determined in California?
Calculate your own child support payments.
How we can help you with child support.

What Is Child Support?

Following divorce and custody cases, child support is one of the biggest ongoing expenses parents face.
Child support payments fund the continuing care of your children and are part of your duty as a parent.

They are court-ordered payments that provide for food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities.

While many other areas of family law are more open to interpretation, child support has rigid boundaries and definitions.

In California, child support takes a wide array of financial factors into account, but it follows a strict, uniform formula.

How is child support calculated in California?

California has a standard mathematical formula to determine child support, following this formula determines the amount of child support a parent pays.


  • CS:  the child support amount.
  • K:  the total of both parents’ income.
  • HN:  the high net, or the total disposable income for the higher-earning parent.
  • H%:  the percentage of time the higher-earning parent is responsible for the child.
  • TN:  the combined net monthly total disposable income between both parents.

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Calculate Your Own Responsibility

To get started:

  • Collect specific information about your income, finances, and taxes.
  • You need your most recent tax returns, paycheck stubs, and tax forms, like W-2s or 1099s.
  • any paperwork that documents disability or unemployment benefits,
  • child health care costs, mandatory fees like union dues or retirement contributions,
  • job-related expenses.
  • If you have child support payments for other children,
  • spousal support payments, or similar costs, collect those.


How we help with child support:

Knowledgeable Information

Family law is all we do. Our San Diego-based lawyers provide real answers over the phone at no charge to you. No, really.

In-Depth Assessment

No two cases are the same. Ever. Our managing attorney, Zephyr Hill, will assess your situation and explore YOUR legal options.

Aggressive Representation

We’re committed to protecting your rights as a father and will make active, assertive moves to support you in child support cases.

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