Is Visitation Allowed If You Have Warrants?

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Legal trouble has a way of following a person around. It impacts all manner of things surrounding your life. Including child custody cases. But what about visitation rights already in place if the parent in question has open warrants?

We love our kids and will do whatever we can to protect them and keep them safe, even if it means putting ourselves in harm’s way. Like, if you have warrants out for your arrest, would you still show up for regularly scheduled visitation?

If you have an existing parenting plan and visitation schedule, does having warrants nullify that?

One of our founding partners, Rick Jones, does monthly appearances on the Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show. On the air, he takes family law questions from listeners.

During a recent episode, a caller wanted to know if having warrants can stop a child’s father from having regularly scheduled visitation. It’s an unusual question for sure. And it comes with one major hang-up you might not expect.

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Check out the conversation below:

Caller: “I’m a grandparent, and the child is in foster care, the parents are trying to get the child back. The father has a lot of warrants, but he still continues to see the child under supervised visits. Is that legal?”

Rick: “To allow visitation even with warrants? It’s legal in the sense that there’s no requirement that he cannot have access to his child. But what I will tell you is this. It sounds like everyone is going to know exactly where he’s going to be on Tuesday at three o’clock.”

Danny: “Ohhhhhh, I didn’t even think of that!”

[Background laughter]

Rick: “So, depending on which side of the fence you are, you may want to notify the authorities exactly when and where he’s going to be.”

Danny: “And then he’ll be in court. People already have handcuffs in there, it’s going to be perfect for you.”

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