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Frequently men are caught off guard when they are served divorce papers. It can be disorienting trying to make sense of complex issues like child custody, spousal support, and the division of assets and debt. It is important to understand your rights as a husband or father under California divorce laws. Speaking with a knowledgeable attorney is a good first step.

Call us at 1-800-DIVORCE (1 800 348-6723). We are always happy to answer questions over the phone at no charge and with no obligation. If you want to schedule an in-person meeting with one of our divorce lawyers, the cost is $95 for the first hour.

Goldberg Jones believes we are your best choice among San Diego divorce lawyers because we practice Family Law exclusively and focus our representation on husbands and fathers. Goldberg Jones represents men in cases of child support law, divorce law, family law, child custody law, and paternity law.

You have legal rights in a divorce and working with an experienced San Diego divorce law firm is a strong step towards protecting those rights. The divorce attorneys of Goldberg and Jones are focused on safeguarding a man’s rights, YOUR rights, in any case involving divorce, child custody law, family law, child support law, and paternity law As a man, you deserve representation from the San Diego divorce lawyers at Goldberg Jones.

Divorce For Men

Goldberg Jones is a local office of San Diego Divorce Attorneys serving San Diego County, California. We focus our representation on husbands and fathers in divorce, child custody, child support and most other family law matters. Our San Diego divorce lawyers are energetic, knowledgeable and aggressive in protecting men’s rights, fathers rights, your rights!

Family Law is a large, diverse, and complex area of practice. It is sometimes called Domestic Relations law and is comprised of such subjects as Divorce, Separation, Paternity, Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support and more.

At Goldberg Jones, we focus our representation on husbands and fathers. Our group of San Diego Divorce lawyers is energetic, knowledgeable and aggressive in protecting your rights under California state law. Whether you need a divorce attorney because you have been served papers, or would like to consult with a San Diego divorce lawyer, call Goldberg Jones for more information.