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What Is A De Facto Parent?

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Not everyone who cares for a child is a biological parent. In some cases, the courts name a de facto parent. Here’s what that means.That’s not always an option, however. A biological parent usually has the inside track, but in situations where the child’s well-being is in question, a de facto parent may assume custody.

why is divorce expensive

How Much Does a Divorce Cost In CA?

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This is one of the most common questions we hear. Often people are frustrated when we answer, “That depends”, but it does. Unfortunately, divorce can be a complex issue with a plethora of factors that will drastically affect the cost—making it difficult to estimate the final expense. Average Cost of …

if you get divorced can it affect your job

Can A Divorce Get Me Fired?

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What we do outside of the office can have a big impact on our work. Even though we try not to, we often bring the weight of our home lives with us to the day job. It seems like weekly we hear about a person getting canned for using poor …

mediation versus divorce in california

Should I Mediate?

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Mediation is a tool many divorce couples use when ending their marriage. It’s not right in every case, but it may help you come to a beneficial agreement.

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“A House Divided: Divorce When You Work From Home”

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CALLER: “I’m getting ready to file for divorce, and one of the assets is the house. I can’t afford the house on my own because I’d basically be ‘house poor.’ He makes three times the salary of me, but I also operate a business out of my home. In the home, there’s a detached garage in which I have an event space that I use. So I have to close my business unfortunately if he forces me out of the home.”

trends over time in divorce

6 Divorce Trends

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Views on marriage and divorce reflect the surrounding society, which is in constant flux. With differing social mores come various divorce trends.