divorce and mens mental health

Dealing With Divorce and Depression

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Guest post by Andrew Lawes I remember when I found out my marriage was over. It sent me into a downward spiral; a drink-and-drug-fueled period of bad memories and even worse situations. I didn’t care – the pain inside me was too raw, too visceral to cope with. Blacking out …

holiday assistance for dads

Holiday Help for Divorced Dads

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Halloween has come and gone. Now that our sugar hangovers have eased, it’s time to think about the upcoming holiday season. This can be a tough time for divorced dads–for both newbies and those who have been through it a time or two. For fathers dealing with a less-than-ideal custody …

4 ways to help your relationship with children

4 ways to improve your relationship with your kids

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The strength and depth of the relationship you have with your children have far-reaching benefits. Having an involved, engaged parent is one of the most important elements for happy, well-adjusted children. Divorce and custody disputes often jeopardize parent-child relationships. We see it first hand all too often. But there are …

trends over time in divorce

6 Divorce Trends

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UPDATED: Views on marriage and divorce reflect the society that surrounds them. Society is in constant flux, and as a result, how we approach marriage and divorce also constantly evolves. But how has divorce changed over the years? How is it changing as we speak? Some ways are drastic, while …

Halloween movies to watch

10 Great Halloween Horror Movies For The Family

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It’s the spookiest time of the year. The leaves have changed, the nights grow longer, and Halloween lurks right around the corner. There’s always been something about this season that leads people to marathon horror movies. Maybe it’s the general darkness, that the weather’s bad so staying inside makes more …

hands holding money

Potential Spousal Support Reform: A Q & A

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During divorce, the issue of spousal support, often called alimony, frequently comes into play. These payments—they can be one-time or recurring—are designed to create a balance, a financial equality between spouses. The courts usually award spousal support in situations where there’s a significant discrepancy between incomes or earning potential. In …

profession degrees and divorce

Divorce and Dividing a Professional Degree

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She gets what? Dividing a professional degree in divorce When the time comes to divide marital property it’s safe to assume everything acquired during the marriage will be divided. While tangible assets like the house, cars, and savings accounts don’t come as a surprise, it shocks many people to learn a …

what football can teach about divorce

Divorce Lessons from the Gridiron

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UPDATED: Ah, football season. That time of year where we spend as much of every Saturday and Sunday as possible inside, pressed into our couches, watching giants collide for our entertainment. It’s a glorious time indeed. Sure, the game is just a game, but if we look closer, it’s also …

steps to divorce in san diego california

How Do You Get Divorced In California?

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During consultations, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I get divorced?” It sounds basic, but divorce contains many moving parts and involves a number of steps. Making the decision to end a marriage is difficult and stressful, but knowing what to expect helps minimize the …