modify child support

How To Modify Child Support In California

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After a divorce involving children, child support often represents a substantial regular expense. Formulaic in nature, once in place, these court-ordered payments can be tough to change. The good news is, though it’s difficult, it is possible to modify child support in California. Like most orders the court issues, it’s not easy, but there’s a process to modify child support. You have to meet certain conditions to do so, but if you fulfill the requirements, …

health issues divorce

How Health Issues Impact Divorce

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Divorce is a highly emotional, complicated time. And that’s the best-case scenario. Many factors create difficulty and wreak havoc on the process. And dealing with health issues in divorce is one that often upends the entire situation. We’re talking about serious health issues in divorce. Things like cancer, chronic conditions, and potentially life-threatening ailments. These raise all manner of problems, from practical concerns to deep ethical and moral dilemmas. It causes some people to reconsider …

de facto parent

What Is A De Facto Parent?

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Most people think of a family as consisting of a mother, father, and a couple of kids. Maybe the dog shows up in the family portrait. That’s the image that often springs immediately to mind. But families come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Often times the person or people caring for a child aren’t biological parents. In juvenile dependency cases, the court calls these individuals the de facto parent. When it comes to child …

uncontested divorce

4 Questions About Uncontested Divorce

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The first image that springs to mind about divorce is probably a courtroom setting. Warring spouses sit at large tables, lawyers call witnesses and cross-examine, and judges rule on objections. It may well resemble an episode of various hour-long TV dramas. While high-conflict divorces certainly happen, that’s not every case. It’s not even most cases. In situations where the spouses are on the same page, uncontested divorce is often an option. 1. What Is An …

How To Find The Best Child Custody Lawyer

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There are few things in this world as important to us as our children. That’s a huge part of why custody cases frequently become fraught, heated exchanges. We just want what’s best for them, and we’re willing to fight for it. When these cases turn contentious, it’s usually a good idea to enlist the services of an experienced attorney. But the question remains: how do you find the best child custody lawyer? The term “best” …

Goldberg Jones Divorce Attorney Daniel Warren Becomes A Certified Family Law Specialist

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Goldberg Jones is proud to announce that The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has named attorney Daniel Warren from our San Diego office a Certified Family Law Specialist. Talking about Warren’s accomplishment, managing attorney Zephyr Hill, said, “We couldn’t be prouder of Daniel. This really shows that the state recognizes his commitment and passion for helping the families and children of San Diego.” Becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist takes much more …

How Adultery Really Impacts Divorce

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Adultery usually has a catastrophic impact on a marriage. It’s a betrayal of trust and a huge slap in the face. While divorce is rarely as simple as one thing, infidelity often irreparably damages a union. Though it wields a destructive power like little else, the question remains of how much cheating impacts the actual divorce. In many cases, it’s significantly less than people expect, and not always in the anticipated ways. Like most others, …

What Are The Different Types Of Divorce In California?

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Though it gets thrown around like it’s this big, all-encompassing term, there are actually multiple types of divorce in California. Every case is different, thanks to the individuals involved and the specific situation. So not every approach is an ideal fit for every situation. It’s important to know the various types of divorce and what each means. There are differences and similarities. Some apply to multiple circumstances, while others have specific criteria and only fit …

Gray Divorce: Concerns When Ending A Marriage Later In Life

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Ending a marriage is complicated in the best of times. Even dissolving shorter marriages can get messy. But the longer a marriage, the more difficult it becomes. People toss around the term gray divorce a lot these days. Divorcing later in life comes with its own unique set of problems, concerns, and issues to deal with. What Is Gray Divorce? Gray divorce refers to spouses over the age of 50 ending a marriage. Overall, the …

social security

Social Security And Divorce: What You Need To Know

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When it comes to shorter marriages, divorce is often a relatively straightforward endeavor. But the longer a marriage lasts, the more entwined two lives become. Divorce is really a process of untangling, and as more years pass, the harder that becomes. For marriages of more than ten years, it’s important to know how divorce impacts Social Security. You may be eligible to receive benefits based on your ex’s work history. This often impacts your future …