best comic book dads

The 10 Best Comic Book Dads

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It’s that time of year again, where everything geeky, nerdy, and awesome descends on San Diego. Yes, the pop culture juggernaut that is San Diego Comic-Con is here again. Over the years, it’s grown to include movies, TV, and all things entertainment. Though the attention may have shifted some, we still love our comic books. And given our focus on family law and fathers’ rights, some of our favorite characters happen to be dads. As …

prepare for child custody cases

5 Ways To Prepare For Child Custody Cases

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Our children mean the world to us and ugly child custody battles are an unfortunate part of many divorces. Since these can become heated, contentious, and emotional, parents don’t always think straight. As a result, it’s important to prepare for child custody cases ahead of time. When it comes to awarding custody, the courts place the best interests of the child above everything else. Their comfort, safety, and security take precedence over things like parental …

baby crib

Know Your Rights As A Soon-To-Be Father

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So you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a huge milestone and one of the most rewarding experiences many of us have. Children change your life, but it’s important to know your rights as a soon-to-be father. You and your baby’s mother may be married. Then again, maybe not. In 2015, just north of 40% of children born in the U.S. were born to unmarried mothers. This has increased as couples …

meeting with a divorce lawyer

3 Ways To Prepare For Your Initial Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer

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When ending a marriage, in most cases people wind up hiring a divorce attorney. The Do-It-Yourself approach is easier and more accessible than ever, but it’s often in your best interest to have representation. This means at some point you’ll schedule an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. These meetings often feel intimidating or overwhelming. Divorce tends to make emotions run high, and people don’t always think clearly in these situations. But it’s an important …

avoidable slips

5 Avoidable Missteps That Hurt Child Custody Cases

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Like other family law cases, child custody battles often become complex and heated. It’s easy to miss details along the way, but such oversights can have a high cost. Too often, mistakes, errors, or lapses in judgment have significant and lasting consequences. With that in mind, here are a few common, easily avoidable missteps that can hurt child custody cases. 1. Moving Out Moving out of a shared home may seem like the best choice …

movies for fathers day

For Father’s Day: 10 Great Movie Dads

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Father’s Day is upon us once again, the holiday where we celebrate dads and everything they do for us. There are countless ways to mark the occasion. It’s almost officially summer, the weather’s getting better day-to-day, and barbecues and baseball games are classic ways to spend a sunny afternoon. But one of our most cherished Father’s Day traditions is watching movies with the old man. (Or with the kids if you’re the old man.) With …

handling summer vacation during divorce

How To Handle Summer Break For Divorced Parents

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It’s that time again. With the school year winding down, the kids mark the days off on the calendar, waiting for the blissful freedom of summer break. That’s great for them, but it’s a different feeling entirely for parents. Summer break presents a slew of new challenges when it comes to caring for our kids. And cases of divorce only raise these hurdles. Summer break comes with all kinds of issues with which to contend. …

Divorce And Graduation: A Survival Guide

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As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, many parents, as well as students, have graduation on the mind. This is a big accomplishment; the culmination of years of work. In short, it’s an occasion well worth celebrating. But when parents aren’t together, this often becomes tricky, and there’s a great deal to account for when you consider divorce and graduation. Ideally, you and your ex were able to end your marriage on amicable …


A Look At Social Media And Divorce

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With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and whatever the next big thing, social media rapidly became a factor in our daily lives. It allows us to keep current with distant friends and relatives, see news as it breaks in real time, and let everyone on our friends list know what we had for dinner. Because it has such a substantial influence on our lives, it’s only natural that social media plays an increasingly large role in …

How To Modify Child Support In California

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After a divorce involving children, child support often represents a substantial regular expense. Formulaic in nature, once in place, these court-ordered payments can be tough to change. The good news is, though it’s difficult, it is possible to modify child support in California. Like most orders the court issues, it’s not easy, but there’s a process to modify child support. You have to meet certain conditions to do so, but if you fulfill the requirements, …