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Potential Spousal Support Reform: A Q & A

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During divorce, the issue of spousal support, often called alimony, frequently comes into play. These payments—they can be one-time or recurring—are designed to create a balance, a financial equality between spouses. The courts usually award spousal support in situations where there’s a significant discrepancy between incomes or earning potential. In …

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Divorce and Dividing a Professional Degree

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She gets what? Dividing a professional degree in divorce When the time comes to divide marital property it’s safe to assume everything acquired during the marriage will be divided. While tangible assets like the house, cars, and savings accounts don’t come as a surprise, it shocks many people to learn a …

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Divorce Lessons from the Gridiron

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UPDATED: Ah, football season. That time of year where we spend as much of every Saturday and Sunday as possible inside, pressed into our couches, watching giants collide for our entertainment. It’s a glorious time indeed. Sure, the game is just a game, but if we look closer, it’s also …

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How Do You Get Divorced In California?

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During consultations, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I get divorced?” It sounds basic, but divorce contains many moving parts and involves a number of steps. Making the decision to end a marriage is difficult and stressful, but knowing what to expect helps minimize the …

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Did My Wife File for Divorce?

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UPDATED: Some people are very open and upfront about the fact they want a divorce. In these cases, you know what’s coming and that you need to prepare for the inevitable. But that’s not always the situation. Sometimes divorce comes out of nowhere. This is especially true if you’re living …

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My Ex Won’t Sign the Divorce Papers

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UPDATED: An obstinate ex can cause a plethora of challenges during the divorce process. This can slow down the process, drag things out, and cost tons of additional money. But what happens if they flat out refuse to sign the Marital Settlement Agreement? Refusing to sign the Marital Settlement Agreement …

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Top 10 Comic Book Lawyers

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If you’ve paid attention to popular culture during recent years, you know San Diego Comic-Con has become a phenomenon. A juggernaut that extends far beyond the realm of comic books to encompass movies, TV, and all things entertainment. A festival of the nerdy, geeky, and awesome, it’s about to take …

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Why Does Divorce Take So Long?

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UPDATED: One of the most common questions we field is how long does a divorce take in California? This is often followed up by the question ‘why does divorce take so long’? As usual, there’s a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is that there’s a lot …