siblings in divorce

How Siblings In Divorce Bond Through Adversity

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Divorce is a tough, traumatic experience. It’s especially difficult for children watching their parents fight and split up. Sometimes, however, from this painful experience, siblings in divorce create something positive, using this shared situation to deepen their bond. In a recent story in the New York Times, writer Ellen Umansky shared a funny, poignant story about how she and her brother became much closer as a result of their parents’ divorce. It begins with a …

divorce myths

Divorce Myths: 10 Common Fictions Debunked

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Having an accurate understanding of divorce is an important part of the process. There’s so much information and so many statistics flying around that it’s often difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. Educating yourself on what to expect is key. With that in mind, here are ten common divorce myths you should be aware of. 1. Adultery Costs You Everything If one spouse has an affair, the other gets everything, right? You lose …

Parental Alienation

Facing Parental Alienation In High-Conflict Divorce

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It’s not uncommon for people to pick sides in high-conflict divorce. The process often turns people against one another, especially in contentious cases where emotions run hot. Never easy, it’s exceedingly painful when it involves children in a phenomenon called parental alienation. It’s much more complex than this, but during divorce, parental alienation serves as a blanket term for one parent turning a child against the other. It encompasses a wide range. This may be …

Terminate Parental Rights

How To Terminate Parental Rights

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Being a parent is hard work. No one ever said it would be easy. Raising kids is also one of the most rewarding, fulfilling things many of us will ever do. But it isn’t for everyone. Some people take to parenthood like ducks to water. Others have to be dragged kicking and screaming. For those who have zero interest, just can’t figure it out, or are incapable for some reason, is it possible to terminate …

spouse from a foreign country

What To Know When Divorcing A Spouse From A Foreign Country

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Divorce is complicated enough under the best circumstances. And there are countless factors that pop up and muddle things even further. One that can throw a monkey wrench in the process is if there’s one spouse from a foreign country. In an increasingly global world, as businesses continue to expand and cross international borders, it’s common to travel abroad for work. Members of the military are often stationed overseas. People relocate to the U.S. to …

Types of Child Custody

4 Types Of Child Custody And What Each Means

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Child custody battles are common in divorce and family law cases. These often become heated, contentious situations as the parents fight over who gets the kids. But as with most legal matters, it’s not always entirely black and white. There are multiple types of child custody in California. It’s important to know the types of child custody—the differences, similarities, and what each means. Each comes with its own set of standards and mean various things …

Divorce Facts

15 Intriguing, Useful, And Bizarre Divorce Facts

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It’s easy to look at divorce facts and statistics floating around and be overwhelmed. With the oft-cited axiom that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, things sound bleak. The whole process often feels awesome and ominous. But there are so many more divorce facts than just a collection of out-of-context numbers. With that in mind, here are a handful of tidbits related to ending a marriage. Some are interesting divorce facts, some may …

Divorce Month

Why January Isn’t Really Divorce Month

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In recent years, January has received an unflattering new nickname: Divorce Month. This is due to an increase in the number of couples who pursue divorce following the New Year. But is it an entirely accurate title? As is so often the case, the answer to the question of whether or not January truly is Divorce Month is a little bit yes and a little bit no. A recent news report accurately describes it as …

Mediation Vs. Arbitration: Which Is The Right Choice?

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Thinking of divorce or child custody cases, the first thing that springs to many minds is going to court, sitting in front of a judge, and participating in a trial. While that does happen, that’s not the only way to end a marriage or settle other family law matters. Multiple forms of alternate dispute resolution exist, and the two most common are mediation and arbitration. Though they’re similar, there are key differences between mediation and …

Military Divorce Rate And The Unique Challenges Military Families Face

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Serving in the military entails significant sacrifice. Not only do the men and women of the Armed Forces put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good, their personal lives also take a substantial hit. Long deployments, the stress of combat, and lingering wounds—both literal and figurative—take their toll on marriages and family. As big an issue as it can be for military families, the military divorce rate has declined steadily over the past few …