how to prepare for your child custody case

Preparing Your Custody Case

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Our children mean the world to us and ugly child custody battles are an unfortunate part of many divorces. Since these can become heated, contentious, and emotional, parents don’t always think straight. As a result, it’s important to prepare for child custody cases ahead of time.

When it comes to awarding custody, the courts place the best interests of the child above everything else. Their comfort, safety, and security take precedence over things like parental convenience or preference. Whichever parent provides the best, safest, most supportive environment, usually winds up with custody.

This may well be you. However, you still have to demonstrate that fact. Here are some ways to prepare for child custody cases and show that you’re the ideal parent.

How to Prepare For A Custody Battle

Record Activities

The purpose of child custody hearings is to show that you are the best parent. One key way to demonstrate this is to actually be invovled. Spend time with your kids when you have the opportunity. Take advantage of the chances to be with them and do all the things parents do.

Also, keep track of this involvement.

Collect records of your activities, both the daily occurances and special occasions. If you go to a Padres game, hold onto the ticket stubs. Save pictures from a weekend camping trip. Keep a record of your parenting time and all that it entails.

Gathering this type of evidence goes a long way to showing your parental dedication to the court. It should also form a big part of how you prepare for child custody cases.

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Be Involved

As we said, the best way to demonstrate you’re an involved parent is to actually be involved.

If you have visitation, make the most of it. Don’t skip scheduled visits if you can help it. Show up to school plays, soccer games, band concerts, graduations, and other important activities.

And don’t just appear at the fun stuff, either. Take the kids to their deintis appointments and go to parent-teacher conferences. Do all the things that show you’re truly invested in raising your child.

Again, nothing shows you want to stay a part of your child’slife like being a part of your child’s life. It’s not just a good way to prepare for child custody cases, it’s good for your kids, too.

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Gather Witnesses

Having people familiar with your familiy and situation testify on your behalf strengthens your case.

Common witnesses include teachers, doctors, neighbors, therapists, or child-care providers. This really means anyone with insight or who can speak to your parenting abilities and relationship with your child.

The courts want to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. It’s important to have people who have seen you interact with your child to support that you’re a good parent.

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Hire a Child Custody Attorney

As stated earlier, child custody cases often turn heated and confrontational. Emotions run hot, tempers flare, and people may not think straight.

It’s often in your best interest to hire an experienced child custody lawyer. Especially if your ex hires one or you suspect things will get messy.

A knowledgeable attorney helps calm you down when you don’t act rationally, guides you through the process, and advises you on the best way to move forward. Someone who has been through this many times can help you prepare for child custody cases. 

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Stay Calm

For your sake, for your case’s sake, and for the sake of your kids, do your best to remain calm.

You will probably get frustrated. Your ex will likely  infuriate you at least a few times. But blowing your lid doesn’t do you any favors.

It’s easier to make rational, realistic decisions when you keep an even keel. You’re more likely to stay focused on the matter at hand and not get sucked into an ugly war. Judges may even dismiss legitimate claims if you frequently act irrationally.

If you know you’re prone to emotional outbursts, take whatever steps necessary to keep yourself in check. It’s often key as you prepare for child custody cases.

These are just a few steps to take before you enter into a child custody battle. Whether you expect conflict or not, the tools often help your case.

There are, however, countless other strategies to get ready and you have many,many possible ways to prepare for child custody cases.

Whatever measures you take, it’s vital to lay the groundwork. Spend the time and energy to create a sound approach, it will only benefit your cause.

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