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Client Testimonials

Phil Coleman
Richard S. Kolek
Cristina R. Nuño
Michael Steiner
Mackenzie J. Colt
Siobhan Curley
Melissa Borja
Ralph T. Santoro Jr.
Alexis Scott
Daniel Turek
Zephyr Hill – Managing Attorney

Phil Coleman

san diego divorce attorneyI hired Philip Coleman from Goldberg & Jones off and on for several years now. I fully trust him and couldn’t have done without his experience and knowledge.

He was extremely understanding of all my issues and was willing to fight for my rights along with giving me sound advice. His unyielding persistence and willingness to fight for my case proved in the outcome of my case.

Along with the administrative staff who was always courteous and professional, the team at Goldberg and Jones is the best in the city for father’s rights. I highly recommend.

– Taso

I was fortunate to be assigned to Phil Coleman. He worked on my child custody case for over a year, helped me to navigate the complex legal system, provided exceptional feedback & guidance along the way. Mr. Coleman was easily reached and provided immediate feedback when I would reach out to him.

Mr. Coleman doesn’t sugarcoat anything, I appreciate his frankness and how easily he would explain the legal process. This not only reduced my anxiety and stress but also helped me to make sound and rational decisions related to my case.

My children prevailed in the case and now we are to begin a new chapter. Thank you Goldberg Jones & the hard work of Phil Coleman. It is much appreciated.

– Mario

Richard S. Kolek

san diego divorce attorneyRich is definitely not your stereotypical lawyer – I have never in my 73 years experienced the superb professionalism, stern but fair advice and determination to arrive at a good solution to the problem at hand!!!

I heartily recommend him to anyone who needs a truly exceptional advocate who charges fairly, knows the law and represents his clients to the nth degree. This lawyer is the real deal and I thank him with all of me for his superb representation in my case.!!!

– Dave

Ok let me tell you if you are a man and going through a divorce this is the firm you want in your side, the family court machine will crush you if you do not have a decent lawyer with you, I highly recommend Rich especially if you have kids and you would like to be in their lives, they worth every dollar and they know all the games and trick the other side usually.

– Sam

After one looooong marriage, I was very nervous as to picking a divorce attorney. I was initially drawn to Goldberg Jones from their radio spots which noted the firm catered to men. After a meeting with a very high-priced La Jolla Divorce attorney, I took consult with G.J. which assigned me to Rich Kolek.

Looking back now, 4 years after the separation and over 2 years post official divorce I am beyond thrilled that Mr. Kolek is my guy. Last year we went back to court to contest the monthly spousal support was too much. Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Kolek we won pretty big and I feel like I can breathe again and that I can actually build a future now.

Rich Kolek is very fair in his billings not to mention that his rates are also very reasonable. The entire staff was always super friendly and the billing dept. were always very polite and accommodating. I highly endorse Goldberg Jones to any man out there needing good friendly fair counsel for their divorce matters. Clearly I am partial to Attorney Rich Kolek and highly recommend him as well.

– Eric

I have been through so many lawyers over the last many years for various reasons. Rich Kolek is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! I came to him, almost begging for help and I got so much more. His knowledge of the law makes him the best ally anyone can ever have.

He was extremely accessible for the hundreds of questions I had even well into the evening hours. Responding literally in seconds. I am so grateful to him. People, if you’re needing the best counsel, I urge you to look no further.

– Adam

My attorney is Richard Kolek, and Rich has always shown serious dedication to all my child custody matters. If it weren’t for Rich, I would probably have no custody at all. He is honest and to the point, he has never ever given me bad advice.

I have recommended Rich to many of my friends and they have all been satisfied with the results of there cases. What we all like about Richard is his honesty and straightforwardness about our cases. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the work that Rich has done for me. Thank you, RICK.

– Carl

Joseph P. Waters

divorce attorney for men san diegoJoseph Waters is an amazing attorney. I was apprehensive, full of anxiety, and needed to know what was happening at every stage of my case.

He showed up with professionalism and accuracy, explaining in detail, what the next step would be. He has the ability to listen, strategize, and take action when needed.”

– Sharon

Joseph was clear, helpful, and friendly. He answered all my questions in an easily understandable way. He made a stressful thing very stress-free, which I’m quite thankful for.

– Brian

So I was looking for divorce attorneys in the San Diego area who were reasonably priced. When I asked friends and family they told me there was no such thing. With that being said, anytime anyone tells you that the “standard rate” or price is a certain amount take them for their word when it comes to attorneys.

I stumbled across Goldberg Jones on the internet and decided to give them a try because unlike some of the other attorneys they gave me a free consultation. I am a father of 4 and an active-duty military. I also pay child support from a marriage prior to this divorce.

I told Mr. Zephyr Hill my story and he told me, in all honesty, the price for a retainer and that it also would not take the whole amount depending on whether we could come to an agreement and not go to trial. My main goal was to avoid trial while not breaking the bank and not drag the process on any longer than what had already transpired.

Zephyr linked me with one of the other Attorneys in the firm who could give me the time and effort needed for my case. From the beginning, I felt like they really wanted to help me out and try not to break the bank without cutting themselves short in the process.

At one point my attorney left the firm but my case was not left by the wayside. Joseph Waters took over my case a few months ago and helped me finally get the divorce finalized.

His attention to detail and personal touch made me feel like I was more than just another client. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone looking to get their money’s worth from their attorney.

– Martel

Cristina R. Nuño

divorce lawyer for menI was a client of Goldberg Jones, with Cristina Nuno as my lawyer. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job she did for me in my child support case. She performed with complete professionalism in the handling of my case.

I would also like to give extra kudos for Cristina. She kept me informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish. She is an outstanding lawyer and a valuable asset for Goldberg Jones. I greatly appreciate and thank you for your sharp eye for having Cristina Nuno as a valued Family separation/divorce attorney. Heidi from San Diego, Ca.

– Heidi

Cristina was amazing! My ex was on her college debate team, I never won an argument with her. But Cristina did. She blew my ex and her attorney out of the water.

Like the ads say, don’t just let your ex walk all over you. Fight back with your own “Bad-Ass Attorney ” hire Cristina, she will kiss ass!

– George

I am extremely happy with the outcome of my dissolution case, Cristina really cared and worked hard to get the best outcome for my case. I recommend her 100%, for any family services case, they can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when you have a complicated case as I did. Thank you Cristina!

– Eugenia

I have recently retired and this greatly reduced my annual earnings. As a result, I needed to find a lawyer to help me in requesting the court for an alimony modification.

Christina represented me. She was friendly yet professional, knowledgeable of the subject matter, attentive to detail, accurate, and most of all very responsive and timely in her dealings with me. She was able to negotiate a very favorable, yet fair, out-of-court settlement on this issue for me. I would hire her again without a doubt if the need were to arise.

– Tim

Michael Steiner

divorce lawyer michael steinerI am a loyal client of Mike Steiner. He has assisted me on several legal matters, in a very professional and personal Manner of which all have resulted in a very positive outcome.

Mike goes out of the way to stay in touch and make sure I know the progress every step of the way. His confidence level always made me feel good. Highly recommended!!

– Gibran M.

Mackenzie J. Colt

san diego divorce attorneyMackenzie is superb! She has excellent people skills, she gets back to me very quickly, and above all else, she knows the work inside and out.

I really appreciate her attention to detail and concern for my situation. A gem of a lawyer you can rely on indeed!

Mackenzie is amazing. She is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. She helped me with a domestic issue, and I am so grateful for her and her council.

– Eduardo G.

Siobhan Curley

divorce lawyer san diego californiaI reached out to Goldberg Jones for help with my custody case. I initially spoke to Mr. Zephyre and he informed me that my lawyer would be Siobhan Curley. I could not be happier with the services I have received from Siobhan! She has gone above and beyond what I could have imagined. She came up with strategies and defenses for the allegations my ex-wife was making up.

During our hearing she was able to show that my ex-wife had perjured herself and was not the best parent to raise our 3 kids. I now have custody of them and it’s all because of the hard work she put in for me and my family! If any of the fathers out there need any advice and someone that actually cares about you and will have your back, give Siobhan a call! She’s one of the best!

– Solomon

Siobhan Curley at Goldberg and Jones is great. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my custody case. She made a very difficult process much easier and I would highly recommend her and her team to any father negotiating custody/child support litigation.

– Stephen

I want to thank Siobhan Curley for helping me settle an issue literally over night. She stepped in when I needed support and walked me through the steps I needed to take to remedy an issue. She was kind, clear, and very knowledgeable about the law.

After we met, I completed the steps she told me to take and the issue was resolved the very next morning! I can’t thank her enough. She is such an intelligent and supportive human being. Immediately after we spoke, I felt calmer and more in control of the situation. Please reach out to her if you need legal advice, she is incredible!

– Jordyn

Melissa Borja

divorce attorney san diegoI reached out to Golberg/Jones to assist with a revision to a spousal support order due to pending retirement. Attorney Melissa Borja did an outstanding job getting the agreement together, signed and finalized in record time.

She kept me advised throughout and was a pleasure to work with. While the process may seem intimidating, Melissa was always cheerful, encouraging, and thoroughly professional. She is a great asset to the firm and would be a great advocate for any client.  Thanks, Melissa for all your help!

Mike S.

I had the great pleasure of working with Ms. Melissa Borja. i highly recommend her, she turned my stressful situation into a pleasant experience. She went above and beyond to help me with my case. Her attention to detail gave us a successful outcome. If you need an awesome attorney look no further. Thank you Melissa for all your hard work!

– Daniel T.

I reached out to Golberg/Jones to assist with a revision to a spousal support order due to pending retirement. Attorney Melissa Borja did an outstanding job getting the agreement together, signed and finalized in record time.

She kept me advised throughout and was a pleasure to work with. While the process may seem intimidating, Melissa was always cheerful, encouraging, and thoroughly professional. She is a great asset to the firm and would be a great advocate for any client. Thanks Melissa for all your help!

– Mike S.

Ralph Thomas Santoro Jr.

Having Mr. Santoro advocating for me was the right choice. He is a strong advocate and it makes all the difference. As a father, navigating the family court is tricky and can be perilous, Mr Santoro’s experience and tact was indispensable when I needed it most. Thank you Ralph!

– Tyler

Ralph was A GREAT lawyer because he always kept me informed, gave me realistic explanations, was always making sure my well being was good, and helped me advocate situations. how you divorce and who you choose for your divorce lawyer can make a difference.

It is important to find someone that you are comfortable with, whose skills and experience are a good fit for you given your unique situation and goals, and who is someone you trust. I believe that you will find this feeling with Ralph.

– Farida

Alexis Scott

Great company, would highly recommend. I worked with Alexis and she made the process as streamlined and easy as it could be. Highly recommend!
– Tara A.

divorce lawyer san diegoAlexis Scott is a competent professional who’s work ethic is unparalleled. When you need someone who is knowledgeable, genuine, driven, and dependable, she sets the bar high. Her focus is your best interest and well-being. If she’s in your corner, you’re in good hands.
– Gretchen

Alexis Scott was great at assisting me to win custody of my son. She was able to outline, format, and structure all of my documentation and evidence in such a way the judge didn’t have any questions for us. She was a wealth of information when it came to any of my questions.
– Johnny

Daniel Turek

From the first contact through the final agreement, your staff was courteous, professional, and sensitive to my family’s needs. My experience with Goldberg Jones was a relative highlight during a very difficult time.

– David

Zephyr Hill – Managing Attorney

goldberg jones san diego managing attorneyI called a couple of family law firms prior to calling the Goldberg Jones Law Firm for legal advice.

I wasn’t pleased with the other law firm’s assistance in answering questions regarding my situation. Goldberg Jones Law Firm was able to assist and give me great legal advice. All of my questions were answered promptly straight to the point!

Unlike the other firms I called I wasn’t being pressured to retain them as my attorney. I highly recommend the Goldberg Jones Law Firm to anyone looking for legal advice and representation!!!

– Dwayne

This Law Firm made the process easy. Truly putting the best interest of their client as their number one priority. Great staff. Definitely would recommend the law firm to anyone that is going through a divorce.

– Felipe

I have to tell you after talking to you I will utilize your services as your demeanor and willingness to answer questions through this extremely life-changing event was way above any other attorney I talked to.

Thanks again for your time and willingness to answer questions. It sure makes the process easier when you can get answers to questions and make an informed decision.

– Bill

Zephyr and his firm achieved a particular result for me: more time with my girls. I remain indebted to him each and every day that my girls are with me and I can be a parent. The ex-wife is making noises about wanting increased child support again, so I expect to be calling on Zephyr again soon!

– Sean

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