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San Diego’s premier family law firm for men, our divorce lawyers focus our representation on husbands and fathers in divorce, child custody, child support and most other family law matters concerning men’s rights in all aspects of family law.

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California State family law was not written to discriminate against husbands and fathers, but many men feel that is the practical result.
Our team of San Diego divorce lawyers for men can help you navigate the process and protect what’s yours.

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Goldberg Jones Divorce For Men remains open and continues to provide exceptional representation for our existing clients, as well as new clients in need of our services during the pandemic. In addition to onsite measures to ensure a clean, safe office environment, we are already adept and experienced in remote communication technologies.
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Divorce is more than filing paperwork. It disrupts your life and the lives of the people you care about. If you’re going to end your marriage, you need to protect yourself, your future and what matters most to you.

Child Custody

Married or unmarried, child custody is one of the most important issues fathers face. Parenting plans, custody, and visitation arrangements put in place here establish all future contact with your kids and many factors impact this.

Child Support

Child support is one of the biggest expenses after divorce. These payments cover the cost of food, shelter, clothing, and other expenses. You may be entitled to receive or obligated to make payments based on your own circumstances.

Fathers’ Rights

While the laws are not written to favor either gender, there is an undeniable social presumption that often tilts in favor of a mother. Our attorneys are committed to overcoming that presumption.

Divorce For Men Blog

We maintain a regular family law blog. Our thought leader posts address topics of divorce, child custody, child support, and other areas of interest to husbands and fathers. You’ll find useful information as we shed light on common family law questions and take some of the mystery out of the divorce process.

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CALL: (619) 243-0888 or 1-800-DIVORCE
Phone Questions Answered at No Charge!

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When you call many other law firms, the first person you speak to is often a middleman, salesperson, or not even a lawyer at all. At Goldberg Jones, our managing attorney, Zephyr Hill, talks directly to each and every person who contacts us. Even before an in-person consultation, Zephyr takes your phone questions at no charge, giving you the information you need right now.

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Family law is our sole focus. As leaders in the field, we offer real answers and a clear understanding of your options. As divorce attorneys for men in San Diego that know the ins and outs of family law in Californiacan make or break a case.

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Every case is different. Zephyr Hill, our managing attorney, assesses the details of your case, provides guidance and offers advice on how to best proceed for your particular circumstances.

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