modify child support in California

Modify Child Support In California

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After a divorce involving children, child support often represents a substantial regular expense. Formulaic in nature, once in place, these court-ordered payments can be tough to change. The good news is, though it’s difficult, it is possible to modify child support in California. Like most orders the court issues, it’s …

child support formula in california

Child Support Formula In CA

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Following a divorce, when children factor in, child support becomes one of the biggest ongoing expenses parents face. These court-ordered payments provide for the continued care and maintenance of your children. They cover everything from everyday costs like food and shelter, to medical care and even education. Because they play such …


My Ex Isn’t Paying

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You’ve gone through the stress and sadness of a divorce and you’ve started to move forward with your life. The outcome of the marriage dissolution, division of assets and the custody concerns were fair and your tension is starting to ease. You’re feeling ready to move forward to the next …

Common Child Support Mistakes

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Child support serves an important role in providing your child the necessary financial resources to sustain their well being—but calculating the accurate amount of support that is necessary isn’t infallible. Changing circumstances, income fluctuations, and the child’s needs all factor into how support should be computed. Being aware of common …

Child Support Scam Alert

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Several counties in Southern California have posted warnings about child support scams via their respective Department of Child Support websites. These scams include phishing calls, smartphone apps, and a scam targeting individuals who receive support payments via Electronic Payment Cards. Phishing Scam If you are unfamiliar with phishing, it is …