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Military Divorce

Is family law different for military members?

If you are in the Armed Forces, your experience in the Family Law Court will be very similar to a civilian. However, there are nuances that are important for your attorney to understand.

Common concerns of our military clients include visitation, relocation by the mother, and accurate calculation of child support.

Understanding how to minimize your exposure due to deployments and tax free income is paramount to achieve a fair result in your case. We will work hard to increase your time with your child, reduce your support payments, and protect your retirement and other assets.

Common concerns of our military clients include:

  • dealing with a case when you are deployed;
  • mothers who move with the children;
  • getting proper visitation when you are home;
  • trouble paying support after a pay decrease due to a loss of BAH or active duty pay;
  • and much more.

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