smoking and its affect on divorce

Unexpected Smoking Hazard [Infographic]

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By now we’re all aware that cigarette smoking carries certain potential health hazards. That’s not news to anyone. You can’t even watch prime time TV without constant reminders. But it may also carry one unexpected danger, it may lead you down the road to divorce.

As it turns out, quitting may not just save your life, it may also help salvage your family and marriage. At least according to the researchers at Melbourne University

When you think about it, the link between divorce and smoking makes at least a little sense. Is smoking the root cause of divorce in these situations? Probably not. It’s so rarely one single thing.

These results are for when one spouse smokes but the other doesn’t. And cigarette smoking is often a big point of contention. One spouse wants the other to quit, the smoker doesn’t want to. This may exacerbate existing tensions and indicate an unhealthy relationship.

Marriages are complex. A lot goes into keeping a relationship happy and healthy. Sometimes they end over one big conflict, but in many others, it’s an accumulation of smaller issues. Cutting out the smoking may not stave off divorce, but it may help.

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