Did My Wife File for Divorce?

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This week’s question comes from an email. The San Diego husband and father writes:

My wife wants a divorce. Where online can I find out if she’s filed in our county?

In some states, it would be impossible for you to find this information online. You would then have to drive to your local courthouse and send the clerk to dig through recent filings to find out if your spouse had filed for divorce.

Fortunately, California is ahead of the curve when it comes to electronic records, and you can find this information online.

You need to go to the website of the Superior Court for your area. Most of the San Diego metropolitan area is served by the San Diego Superior Court:

From this website, you need to access the court index where you will be able to search by party name or case number. Click on search using the party name, which takes you to the screen below.
From this screen make sure to select domestic as the type of case, the county where you reside, and fill out your spouse’s information.

If any results are generated, you should see the filing date, case number, and where the case is filed. In most cases this is as much info as you can see relating to the filing.  To get more detailed information about the case you will need to physically go to the courthouse.

Unfortunately, most husbands and fathers are not lucky enough to get a fair warning about an impending divorce. Instead, they find out as a result of being served papers.

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