how to find the best attorney

Finding the Best Attorney

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When faced with divorce or custody issues it is normal to want to hire the best San Diego family law attorney. Family law cases are complicated, emotional, and the outcome will have a significant impact on your daily life so it makes sense to want the top San Diego divorce attorney guiding you.

How do you choose a lawyer?

It is easy to say “I want the best custody or divorce lawyer”, but defining “best in San Diego” can be difficult. Every case is unique and the facts of your case will impact the outcome.

Traits to Look For


The more cases an attorney has worked on that are similar to yours, the more the attorney will know the subtleties and nuances necessary for producing the most favorable outcome given the facts of your case.

When evaluating a potential attorney’s experience it is also helpful to look at the experience of the firm.

Often firms that focus on a specific practice area (like family law) will have a team of attorneys that are well versed in the rules of your jurisdiction. This team environment means your attorney has a wealth of additional experience at their fingertips.


The best family law attorneys are honest. They are committed to providing zealous advocacy for their clients and they understand that honesty is essential to be successful.

Your attorney should give you a clear explanation of all your options and provide insight to the possible outcomes each option may produce. It is important that you trust your attorney and are confident that they are acting in your best interest.


Family law cases are often rife with conflict and stress. The best San Diego divorce attorneys know that strong leadership is necessary for navigating the course.

Great lawyers are confident in their leadership abilities and employ solid strategy to guide their clients.


San Diego’s best divorce lawyers make good communication a priority. Legal issues are often complex and the applicable laws are not always easy to understand.

A great family law attorney will explain the details and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Your attorney is your advocate and you should always feel that you are aware of, and understand, what is going on in your case.


Great attorneys are intelligent. They are able to think analytically and creatively about the challenges of your case.

The best attorneys are quick on their feet and adapt easily to changing circumstances.


The top San Diego family law attorneys all have one thing in common. They are strategic— quickly identifying the client’s long term goals and tailoring their approach to meet those goals. They have a large and diverse tool box, and they are careful in selecting the right tool for the job.

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