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Can I Get A Divorce Online?

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It’s now easier than ever to handle your divorce on your own. Fire up your computer and you can download all the necessary forms and paperwork you need to end your marriage. Quick, cheap, and convenient, divorce has never been so straightforward.

Can You Divorce Online In CA?

While some states do allow you to file for divorce online, the short answer, at least as far as California goes, is no.

You can’t currently handle the entirety of your divorce online in the Golden State. Not yet anyway. The legal system and legal profession are notoriously slow when it comes to adopting and adapting to new technology.

That said, you can download the forms online, print and take them to file in person.

Divorce Forms

In California, it all starts with Form FL-100, also known as the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage. As the name implies, this document requires all of the pertinent details about you and your spouse.

This includes contact information, a list of shared assets and debts, and the length of the marriage.

If you have kids, when you fill out the form, you also lay out preferences for child custody, visitation, and child support.

You need to make the court aware of the children’s current living situation. You also request spousal support and submit any other requests at this time.

  • FL-100 – This is the form to begin the divorce or legal separation process. You will list all the pertinent information related to your marriage, including children, dates and property.
  • FL-110 – This form is the Summons, which lets your spouse know that you’ve filed.

  • FL-115 – The Proof of Service of Summons, this lets you tell the court that you have notified your spouse.

  • FL-120 – This forms the basis for your soon-to-be ex’s response.

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