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Step-Parenting and Blended Families

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Navigating stepfamilies can be challenging for everyone involved. Whether they are your children from a previous relationship, or they are your significant other’s, blending into a cohesive unit is no easy task. While the road to successful step-parenting can be difficult, the reward of forging strong and lasting relationships is well worth the work.

Stepparent/stepchild relationships should share the same common elements as all successful and positive relationships. Trust, communication, and respect should be cornerstones—and understanding the limits of all parties involved can go a long way in cultivating a healthy and positive bond.

In understanding the limits of everyone involved, it is important to manage expectations. Unrealistic expectations will quickly undermine the stepparent-stepchild relationship. It is common for stepparents to want to create a “perfect family” —a sort of utopian Brady Bunch scenario where conflict is minor and resolution never takes more than thirty minutes.

In reality, things rarely go as planned and conflict can take a lot of time and effort to resolve. One strategy for keeping expectations from getting out of control is to stay focused on building and maintaining respect.

It is inevitable that everyone involved will make mistakes as you try and navigate new territory.  It is important to remain supportive even when missteps occur. Encouraging non-judgmental dialog and openness will solidify your commitment to building strong and lasting relationship between family members.

Strong healthy relationships take time. Be patient and persistent with yourself and your family members. It won’t happen overnight, or even over a matter of months. Everyone involved has their own baggage and establishing meaningful relationships can often take years.

Stepfamilies, and the interpersonal dynamics involved, can be complicated and seeking the guidance of a licensed therapist or family counselor can be beneficial.  A skilled counselor will provide the framework and tools for the entire family. Additionally they can give you specific advice in situations where you are uncertain how to proceed.

Blended families and the relationships that come with them are multifaceted and sometimes challenging. While it isn’t easy, the work is certainly worthwhile.

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