what do you do if you find out you aren't the father

Paternity Fraud

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We love our children. For many of us, they form the center of our universes. That is a big reason why custody disputes are so often heated, complicated, contentious affairs. In these cases, there is guardianship to determine, visitation schedules to arrange, child support payments to make, and more. But …

determining paternity in California

Paternity in California

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What things should you know about paternity in California? Let’s Start With Maury Povich Did you know that Maury Povich used to be one of the most respected newsmen in the country? Seriously, look it up. He even brought respectability to one of the very first tabloid news shows that …

false paternity claims

Paternity and Deceit

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A news story out of England highlights one man’s custody nightmare. After 14 years of marriage, Richard Rodwell and his wife Helen divorced. She was awarded full custody and Mr. Rodwell was ordered to pay  £300 (around $440 U.S. dollars) a month. Rodwell was an involved father—he was present for …