why is divorce expensive

How Much Does a Divorce Cost In California?

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The average cost of a divorce in California is $17,500. All cases will incur an initial filing fee. In San Diego, this costs $435 and additional motions bring additional fees. This ballpark range is strictly an estimate; significant assets, children, and how contested the divorce is will all add to the expense.   In complex divorces that are highly contentious or go to trial, it is possible for the cost of divorce to exceed $100,000. The cost of a complex divorce will be impacted by the necessity of experts.

house was willed to me can ex take it

RADIO: Can An Ex Take a House I Inherited?

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CALLER: “My sister and her husband are getting a divorce. They live in a house that was willed [to her] by our parents when they passed away. They were married at the time and lived in the house for 20 years.

He’s been trying to bully her into giving him the house, saying that he’s the breadwinner and he’s entitled to it. More than half. She works as well, but is she entitled to any more than half, being that the house was willed to her?”

who gets to keep the engagement ring

RADIO: I was given an engagement ring, can they take it back?

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CALLER: “So my fiancé and I were given a ring from a family friend. The ring is in her name from her husband and then he passed away, so she gave it to us as an engagement gift. She got into an argument with my soon-to-be mother-in-law and it just turned nasty. She requested we give the ring back. Do we have to give her the ring back or can we keep it?”