holiday assistance for dads

Holiday Help for Divorced Dads

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Halloween has come and gone. Now that our sugar hangovers have eased, it’s time to think about the upcoming holiday season. This can be a tough time for divorced dads–for both newbies and those who have been through it a time or two. For fathers dealing with a less-than-ideal custody …

Halloween movies to watch

10 Great Halloween Horror Movies For The Family

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It’s the spookiest time of the year. The leaves have changed, the nights grow longer, and Halloween lurks right around the corner. There’s always been something about this season that leads people to marathon horror movies. Maybe it’s the general darkness, that the weather’s bad so staying inside makes more …

lawyers in comics

Top 10 Comic Book Lawyers

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If you’ve paid attention to popular culture during recent years, you know San Diego Comic-Con has become a phenomenon. A juggernaut that extends far beyond the realm of comic books to encompass movies, TV, and all things entertainment. A festival of the nerdy, geeky, and awesome, it’s about to take …

some of our favorite tweets from dads

10 Hilarious Dad Tweets

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UPDATED: You gotta love dads. Always ready to lend a hand or chip in with a classic dad joke that makes everyone around them groan. And thanks to the magic of social media, that audience has widened exponentially. It’s no longer just friends and family who share in the forced …

Heart valentine's card crayons

4 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Divorced Dads

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It’s the middle of February and you’ve probably noticed store displays full of various sized hearts, pink everything, and chocolate as far as the eye can see. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is almost here again. A romantic holiday can be lonely for the newly divorced, but there are still ways …

great fictional dads from scifi

Ten Great Sci-Fi And Fantasy Dads

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It’s summer in San Diego, which means one thing: San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once again! Every year, like clockwork, the nerdy hordes descend upon the San Diego Convention Center to revel in all things geeky and awesome. Over the years it’s evolved to include so much more than …

gray divorce from Dana Carvey Netflix Special

Dana Carvey on the Divorce Rate [Divorce Meme]

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We’ve all heard, “It’s funny because it’s true,” or some variation of the saying. And that certainly goes for what comedian, actor, Saturday Night Live veteran, and overall comic treasure Dana Carvey has to say about the rise of gray divorce. It’s hilarious for sure, but also insightful and all …

things to do during holidays with family

5 San Diego Family Holiday Events

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We’re not holding our breath for a white Christmas in San Diego this year. You have to trek to the mountains if you’re after that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the holiday spirit. Too often, we find ourselves mired in stress and perpetual motion this time of …

dads surviving thanksgiving after divorce

Thanksgiving Survival For Divorced Dads

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Thanksgiving is upon us. Though it’s traditionally full of family, friends, and other loved ones, this time of year is often tough for newly divorced dads. You may feel alone, especially if you don’t have your kids for the holiday. But there are ways to cope and survive what can …