Should I Move Out?

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For many men, moving out as soon as possible is an attempt to minimize the stress and potential conflict that comes with divorce. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes men make when faced with the dissolution of their marriage. Leaving the marital home without evaluating the consequences, …

increase chance of divorce when you stay drive too much

Do Long Commutes Lead To Divorce? [Infographic]

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No two divorces are ever the same. What ruins one relationship doesn’t necessarily cause the same havoc in another. And it’s crazy to see what unexpected factors increase risks of divorce. For example, did you know a long daily commute intensifies your chances of splitting up? While it may sound …

when do you need a family law attorney

Should I Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

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Do I need to hire a lawyer? That’s a question no one really ever wants to ask themselves. In general, it probably means something is wrong. Maybe you’ve been arrested, perhaps you’re getting divorced. Not every situation is black and white and automatically requires a lawyer. In an amicable divorce, …

making mistakes in divorce ca affect your finances

High Asset Divorce: 5 Costly Mistakes

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In simple cases, usually shorter marriages with no kids and little shared property to divide, the divorce process is often relatively straightforward. But the more you have to deal with, the more complicated things become. Every divorce has a lot at stake, but high asset divorce presents its own unique …

ways your divorce can get complicated quickly

How Complicated Can Divorce Get?

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Divorce gets complex. That’s not news to anyone. Two people dividing up the things they acquired over the course of a relationship is rarely simple. But just how complicated can divorce become? One pending celebrity split may illustrate how tangled things can get, even in the best of circumstances. Famous …