making mistakes in divorce ca affect your finances

High Asset Divorce: 5 Costly Mistakes

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In simple cases, usually shorter marriages with no kids and little shared property to divide, the divorce process is often relatively straightforward. But the more you have to deal with, the more complicated things become. Every divorce has a lot at stake, but high asset divorce presents its own unique …

bankruptcy or divorce

Bankruptcy Or Divorce?

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Debt has a way of getting ahead of you all too quickly. Credit cards, loans, medical bills, mortgages, they all add up. If you’re not careful, before long you’re fighting just to keep your head above water. Marriages feel the brunt, and often filing for bankruptcy offers the best option …

ways your divorce can get complicated quickly

How Complicated Can Divorce Get?

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Divorce gets complex. That’s not news to anyone. Two people dividing up the things they acquired over the course of a relationship is rarely simple. But just how complicated can divorce become? One pending celebrity split may illustrate how tangled things can get, even in the best of circumstances. Famous …

smoking and divorce

Unexpected Smoking Hazard [Infographic]

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By now we’re all aware that cigarette smoking carries certain potential health hazards. That’s not news to anyone. You can’t even watch prime time TV without constant reminders. But it may also carry one unexpected danger, it may lead you down the road to divorce. As it turns out, quitting …

march madness challenge

Goldberg Jones Bracket Challenge

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we’re not talking about Christmas or New Year’s. We’re talking about March Madness. Once again, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is HERE! And once again, Goldberg Jones is running our annual March Madness Bracket Challenge. This year, the champ walks away …

what city has the most divorces in california

Divorce Capital Of California

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Everyone knows Sacramento is the capital of California. The one with the cool buildings, the governor, and all that. But there are other, less official capitals as well. For instance, Stockton is the “Asparagus Capital of the World,” San Jose touts itself as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” and Pearsonville …

divorce and video games

How Video Games Impact Divorce

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For millions of people, across age groups, video games provide a key way to kill time and decompress from the pressures and hardships of daily life. But what happens when it crosses a line, when escape becomes addiction? Like any obsession, it carries a high cost. And as you may …

chances of getting remarried by demographic

Fascinating Remarriage Statistics

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Divorce is a common occurrence. The average age for a first divorce is also younger than you might think, only 30. It makes sense that those who divorce at such a young age might give it another go down the road. And because of that, an increasing number of marriages …

Can you actually predict divorce before it happens?

Can Science Predict Divorce?

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Many factors contribute to divorce. By the time you get to the point where you consider ending your marriage, you likely notice all kinds of problems. Sometimes we see friends, family members, and acquaintances heading for a metaphorical cliff even when they can’t. But is it possible to predict divorce …

can drinking alcohol increase chance of divorce

Alcohol Abuse And Divorce Rates

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Divorce is an emotional, tumultuous time, even in the best situations. It can lead to despair and depression. After divorce, people often engage in a variety of unhealthy, potentially risky behaviors. Alcohol abuse frequently plays into this. Increased drinking has long been associated with ending marriages. In many cases, alcohol …

how to fight back against false abuse aligations

Fighting False Abuse Allegations

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When most people think about divorce, they imagine heated exchanges, arguments, and conflict. It’s a volatile time. Spouses often have more than their share of bitterness and anger, and mudslinging is common. Some claims are legitimate, others not so much. Unfounded abuse allegations rank among the most nefarious of these. …