can she access my pension after divorce

How long until a spouse qualifies for your pension during marriage?

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People stay married for all kinds of reasons. For the kids, because of religious convictions, the belief you can work things out. All of these and more contribute to people remaining in unhappy relationships. Retirement is another. In certain situations, after a long marriage, spouses may be entitled to a …

consequences to moving out of shared home during divorce

Should I Move Out?

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For many men, moving out as soon as possible is an attempt to minimize the stress and potential conflict that comes with divorce. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes men make when faced with the dissolution of their marriage. Leaving the marital home without evaluating the consequences, …

increase chance of divorce when you stay drive too much

Do Long Commutes Lead To Divorce? [Infographic]

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No two divorces are ever the same. What ruins one relationship doesn’t necessarily cause the same havoc in another. And it’s crazy to see what unexpected factors increase risks of divorce. For example, did you know a long daily commute intensifies your chances of splitting up? While it may sound …