if you get divorced can it affect your job

Can Divorce Get Me Fired?

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What we do outside of the office can have a big impact on our work. Even though we try not to, we often bring the weight of our home lives with us to the day job. And it seems like weekly we hear about a person getting canned for using …

how can you protect your business in divorce

When Business Partners Divorce

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During a marriage, your life becomes intertwined with that of your spouse. Possessions often belong equally to both parties, which is a big reason why the division of property can be such a contentious part of divorce. Splitting belongings at the end of a union can become heated and complex, …

generational perception of divorce

Outlook On Divorce & Family Have Changed

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Marriage may be an institution, but it’s not immune to change. What marriage is, what it means, how important it is; all of this and more have transformed dramatically over time. Some shifts are massive and easily recognizable. Others are subtle, changing across many years, so gradual you hardly notice …