Comic Books, Cosplay, and a lesson from Comic-Con

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Perhaps you were one of the 130,000 daily attendees of this year’s Comic-Con, or perhaps your only experience with comics is this year’s blockbuster”The Avengers.” Either way, the screening of Peter Jackson’s 12 minute preview of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” brings to mind the power of a ring. In …

did she file?

Did My Wife File for Divorce?

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This week’s question comes from an email. The San Diego husband and father writes: My wife wants a divorce. Where online can I find out if she’s filed in our county? In some states, it would be impossible for you to find this information online. You would then have to …

assets in divorce

Wife’s Debt in Divorce

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We got this question from a San Diego husband and father a few days back: “Am I responsible for my wife’s unscrupulous spending and credit card and loan debts that are in her name?” Unfortunately, the Court does not focus on whose name is on the card; instead, it treats …

getting remarried

Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

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I got this article in the Wall Street Journal from a colleague of mine about the success rate of second marriages. It starts with this sobering if not obvious fact. Overall, second marriages are shorter. The reason being that second marriages begin later in life and are more likely to …

Divorce Vs Annulment

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There are two options to end a marriage. You can choose divorce or you can choose annulment. Divorce is by far the more common choice because qualifying for an annulment is not easy. However, the better option is almost always a an annulment because the proceedings are often faster, cheaper, …