consequences to moving out of shared home during divorce

Should I Move Out?

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For many men, moving out as soon as possible is an attempt to minimize the stress and potential conflict that comes with divorce. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes men make when faced with the dissolution of their marriage. Leaving the marital home without evaluating the consequences, …

grandparents rights after divorce

Custody From the Grandparent’s Perspective

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Most of the time, we think about custody and visitation issues as only involving parents. That’s how it goes most of the time. But grandparents also often play an integral part in raising children. A parenting plan lays out custody arrangement after a divorce or split. This document details where …

social progress of awarding child custody to men

How Child Custody Has Changed

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The common refrain goes: “Mothers always get the kids after divorce.” We’ve all heard that or something similar. Over the years, the prevailing wisdom has always been that the courts give the kids to the mother in custody cases and that fathers have no chance. That, however, is not exactly …

can grandparents get custody

Grandparents’ Custody And Visitation Rights

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With blended families, step-siblings, adoption, same-sex couples, extended clans, and more, the notion of family means different things to different people. In most cases, parents play the largest role in raising children, but not always. Depending on the circumstances, grandparents may find themselves in the traditional parental role. This begs …

how to prepare for your child custody case

Preparing Your Custody Case

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Our children mean the world to us and ugly child custody battles are an unfortunate part of many divorces. Since these can become heated, contentious, and emotional, parents don’t always think straight. As a result, it’s important to prepare for child custody cases ahead of time. When it comes to …

knowing your rights as a dad

Having a Baby? Know Your Rights

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So you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a huge milestone and one of the most rewarding experiences many of us have. Children change your life, but it’s important to know your rights as a soon-to-be father. You and your baby’s mother may be married. Then …

non-biological parents

What Is A De Facto Parent?

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In a majority of cases, the court considers remaining with a biological parent the best choice.

That’s not always an option, however. A biological parent usually has the inside track, but in situations where the child’s well-being is in question, a de facto parent may assume custody.

hire child custody attorney

Finding a Child Custody Lawyer

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There are few things in this world as important to us as our children. That’s a huge part of why custody cases frequently become fraught, heated exchanges. We just want what’s best for them, and we’re willing to fight for it. When these cases turn contentious, it’s usually a good …

Daniel Warren Becomes A CFLS

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Goldberg Jones is proud to announce that The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has named attorney Daniel Warren from our San Diego office a Certified Family Law Specialist. Talking about Warren’s accomplishment, managing attorney Zephyr Hill, said, “We couldn’t be prouder of Daniel. This really shows that …