divorce rate analysis

Divorce Rate Study

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The internet is abuzz with the results of a recent study by the Norwegian Institute for Social Research that reviewed the impact of shared household chores on the rate of divorce. The findings of the research uncovered that divorce rates in Norwegian adults were higher for couples that shared housework …

My Wife Won’t Sign the Papers

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What are my options for divorce? An obstinate wife can cause a plethora of challenges during the divorce process, but what happens if she is refusing to sign the Marital Settlement Agreement?  Refusing to sign the Marital Settlement Agreement occurs for a variety of reasons, but regardless of why one …

Welcome Daniel L. Warren

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Goldberg Jones is thrilled to welcome divorce attorney Daniel L. Warren to our San Diego office. Daniel is a diligent and loyal attorney focused on producing client centered results and will be an exceptional fit for our team. Daniel completed his undergraduate education in Criminology, with a minor in Educational …

Why does divorce take so long?

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The estimated time frame for a San Diego divorce is a topic we receive questions about almost daily. The amount of time between filing the initial paperwork and a finalized judgment can vary significantly. This variation makes calculating an accurate average divorce length difficult. Because every divorce is unique, there …

Military Custody Rights

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A history of disadvantage In recent history, active members of the US Armed Forces have found themselves at a major disadvantage when it comes to retaining their military custody rights. There are numerous accounts of deployed single parents returning from active duty to be ambushed by a custody battle and a …

does marijuana affect child custody?

My Ex Uses Medical Marijuana

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This week San Diego child custody lawyer, Zephyr Hill, answers a question about medical marijuana, modifying child custody, and divorce law in California. The father’s question details how his ex-wife is using medical marijuana and asks if it is possible to change the custody agreement. The father asks: “My ex-wife …

did she file?

Did My Wife File for Divorce?

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This week’s question comes from an email. The San Diego husband and father writes: My wife wants a divorce. Where online can I find out if she’s filed in our county? In some states, it would be impossible for you to find this information online. You would then have to …

assets in divorce

Wife’s Debt in Divorce

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We got this question from a San Diego husband and father a few days back: “Am I responsible for my wife’s unscrupulous spending and credit card and loan debts that are in her name?” Unfortunately, the Court does not focus on whose name is on the card; instead, it treats …

Judge: Go swap Facebook & Match.com

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A judge in Connecticut orders divorcing parties to exchange social network passwords. While it has always been possible to request information from Facebook, this is the first time I’ve seen the court require parties give full access to their social accounts. Judge Kenneth Shluger ordered that the attorneys for Stephen …