does marijuana affect child custody?

My Ex Uses Medical Marijuana

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This week San Diego child custody lawyer, Zephyr Hill, answers a question about medical marijuana, modifying child custody, and divorce law in California. The father’s question details how his ex-wife is using medical marijuana and asks if it is possible to change the custody agreement. The father asks: “My ex-wife …

did she file?

Did My Wife File for Divorce?

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This week’s question comes from an email. The San Diego husband and father writes: My wife wants a divorce. Where online can I find out if she’s filed in our county? In some states, it would be impossible for you to find this information online. You would then have to …

assets in divorce

Wife’s Debt in Divorce

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We got this question from a San Diego husband and father a few days back: “Am I responsible for my wife’s unscrupulous spending and credit card and loan debts that are in her name?” Unfortunately, the Court does not focus on whose name is on the card; instead, it treats …

updated spousal support

Kobe Bryant Divorce

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UPDATE: The sweeping new tax plan Congress passed at the end of 2017 will impact almost everyone. This includes changes to divorce settlements, specifically those involving spousal support. Beginning January 1, 2019, on new court orders that include spousal support provisions, the party paying spousal support will no longer be …

Child Custody Disputes

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Our managing attorney Zephry Hill forwarded me this question regarding whether a wife can stop her husband from seeing his kids. The question reads: “My sister left her husband and she does not want him to see the kids because he is involved with the law right now and he is …

getting remarried

Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

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I got this article in the Wall Street Journal from a colleague of mine about the success rate of second marriages. It starts with this sobering if not obvious fact. Overall, second marriages are shorter. The reason being that second marriages begin later in life and are more likely to …