mediation versus divorce in california

Should I Mediate?

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Men researching options for ending their marriages are often overwhelmed by what can seem like a confusing game of terminology. Divorce, legal separation, mediation, and collaborative divorce are a few of the most common terms used to describe some of the different paths to ending a marriage. What Is Mediation? …

can dads win custody in california

How Do I Win Custody?

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“How do I win custody?” is often the first question that we are asked by fathers in an initial consultation. This isn’t surprising; child custody can be a complicated topic rife with stress and frustration. Understanding the information the court uses to make a decision on custody can ensure that …

what are reasons to get divorced in california

What Are Grounds For Divorce In California?

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If you are considering divorce, you may be wondering, “what are grounds for divorce in California?” What Is A No-Fault Divorce? California is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither party is required to show that wrongdoing was committed. No-fault divorce allows couples to dissolve their marriage without the …

typical questions asked in family law

Common Divorce Questions

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Divorce is ripe with uncertainty about what is going to happen and how assets will be divided. How long will my divorce take? The short answer to this question: more than six months. A California divorce will take longer than six months due to the mandatory waiting period. Six months …

false paternity claims

Paternity and Deceit

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A news story out of England highlights one man’s custody nightmare. After 14 years of marriage, Richard Rodwell and his wife Helen divorced. She was awarded full custody and Mr. Rodwell was ordered to pay  £300 (around $440 U.S. dollars) a month. Rodwell was an involved father—he was present for …

how to know when to divorce

Should I Get Divorced?

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Is my marriage over? Deciding to divorce can be a heart-wrenching process.  Determining if divorce is the best path or if the marriage is salvageable is a difficult road to travel. Men contemplating dissolving their marriage often have more questions than answers. Struggling to do the right thing, they feel …

prenups versus divorce insurance

Divorce Insurance V. Prenuptial Agreement

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Life is filled with uncertainty and that uncertainty has been answered with insurance. Auto, home, life, even pet insurance are all readily available to protect and safeguard you, your family and your belongings —but what about protecting your marriage? SafeGuard Guaranty Corp, based in North Carolina began offering divorce insurance …

texts and instant messages as evidence

Text Messages as Evidence

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Divorce and text messages as evidence are in the news once again with the release of a smartphone app called CATE. CATE stands for Call and Text Eraser. The Android application is designed to block calls and texts to your phone during designated times, discretely hide numbers from your contact …

cannabis and child custody

My Ex Uses Medical Marijuana

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This week San Diego child custody lawyer, Zephyr Hill, answers a question about medical marijuana, modifying child custody, and divorce law in California. The father’s question details how his ex-wife is using medical marijuana and asks if it is possible to change the custody agreement. The father asks: “My ex-wife …