typical questions asked in family law

Common Divorce Questions

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Divorce is ripe with uncertainty about what is going to happen and how assets will be divided. How long will my divorce take? The short answer to this question: more than six months. A California divorce will take longer than six months due to the mandatory waiting period. Six months …

trends over time in divorce

6 Divorce Trends

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1. The divorce rate is declining It is hard to discuss divorce without the often-cited statistic of ’50 percent of all marriages ends in divorce’ being mentioned. A look at statistical data from the CDC reveals that divorce rates for Americans are decreasing. It is important to note that marriage …

false paternity claims

Paternity and Deceit

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A news story out of England highlights one man’s custody nightmare. After 14 years of marriage, Richard Rodwell and his wife Helen divorced. She was awarded full custody and Mr. Rodwell was ordered to pay  £300 (around $440 U.S. dollars) a month. Rodwell was an involved father—he was present for …

profession degrees and divorce

Divorce and Dividing a Professional Degree

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She gets what? Dividing a professional degree in divorce When the time comes to divide marital property it is safe to assume that everything acquired during the marriage will be divided.  While tangible assets like the house, cars, and savings accounts don’t come as a surprise, it can be a shock …

how to know when to divorce

Should I Get Divorced?

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Is my marriage over? Deciding to divorce can be a heart-wrenching process.  Determining if divorce is the best path or if the marriage is salvageable is a difficult road to travel. Men contemplating dissolving their marriage often have more questions than answers. Struggling to do the right thing, they feel …

Sesame Street talks divorce

Sesame Street Talks About Divorce

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Talking about divorce with your kids For fathers of young children, broaching the topic of divorce is often one of the most daunting aspects of dissolving a marriage. Regardless of the age of your children, breaking the news that you are divorcing can be one of the most difficult conversations …

prenups versus divorce insurance

Divorce Insurance V. Prenuptial Agreement

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Life is filled with uncertainty and that uncertainty has been answered with insurance. Auto, home, life, even pet insurance are all readily available to protect and safeguard you, your family and your belongings —but what about protecting your marriage? SafeGuard Guaranty Corp, based in North Carolina began offering divorce insurance …

4 ways to help your relationship with children

4 ways to improve your relationship with your kids

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The strength and depth of the relationship you have with your children can have far reaching benefits. An involved and engaged parent is one of the most important elements for raising happy and well adjusted children. As divorce attorneys we see firsthand how essential a close bond between parent and …

texts and instant messages as evidence

Text Messages as Evidence

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Divorce and text messages as evidence are in the news once again with the release of a smartphone app called CATE. CATE stands for Call and Text Eraser. The Android application is designed to block calls and texts to your phone during designated times, discretely hide numbers from your contact …

holiday assistance for dads

Holiday Help for Men

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Halloween has come and gone and while we are still reveling in our sugar hangovers it might seem a little early to be thinking about the coming holiday season. But for men that are going through divorce or have recently finalized their divorce, it is never too early to get …

what football can teach about divorce

Divorce Lessons from the Gridiron

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Football’s divorce lessons We recently came across an article on The Good Men Project that got us thinking. The article, written by Tim Brown, is titled “Life Lessons from Football” and draws some insightful analogies. A few of Brown’s observations stood out as excellent life advice, but also advice that …

impact on kids during and after divorce

Does Divorce Impact Children?

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Divorce is inherently contentious with both parties having different objectives.  However, there is one topic in divorce where even the most disagreeable couples find common ground: the impact of divorce on children. How does divorce impact children? The effects of divorce on children is often the first consideration of parents …

steps to divorce in san diego california

How Do You Get Divorced In CA?

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“How do I get divorced?” is a common question asked by men during consultations. Getting a divorce is a difficult decision; understanding the divorce process and what to expect can minimize some of the stress associated with the transition to being single. Process of Divorce in CA The dissolution of …