how to divorce if you can't find your spouse

Divorcing a Spouse that’s M.I.A.

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Getting divorced can be a straightforward affair where both sides agree on almost every detail. Or it can become complex and contentious as you and your soon-to-be-ex argue about every last thing. It’s a hard enough process when both sides are in regular communication — even if that occurs through …

can you use a video game as evidence in divorce

Pokemon Go: Cheater Edition

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If you’ve paid attention to the news in recent weeks, you’ve heard at least passing references to Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game has swept the nation with a number of unexpected side effects. Sure, it gets users of all ages out of the house to hunt Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, …

if you get divorced can it affect your job

Can Divorce Get Me Fired?

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What we do outside of the office can have a big impact on our work. Even though we try not to, we often bring the weight of our home lives with us to the day job. And it seems like weekly we hear about a person getting canned for using …

parental relocation after divorce

Child Custody: Relocation After Divorce

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Divorce can be a traumatic event. Ending a marriage may throw your entire world into upheaval. After surviving this experience, many people simply want to get away and a relocation is an option. Some move to a new place to escape negative memories; to be near family, friends, or another …

is summary dissolution better than divorce

Summary Dissolution

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Most people think of divorce as a long contentious process. The image of a husband and wife bickering back and forth, arguing over every last detail for months, is on TV and movies have pounded into our collective mind. It’s true, divorce can be mean, nasty, and riddled with conflict. …

where you file for divorce matters

Jurisdiction & Divorce

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Resolving to file for divorce is a momentous decision. Ending a marriage can throw your entire life into upheaval. While any number of factors go into pursuing this course of action, there’s much more to deal with after you make this choice. An entire world of logistical questions awaits out …

what affects marital stabilty

Analysis & Marital Stability

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Relationships crumble for any number of reasons, from infidelity to abuse to two people simply not getting along. A recent study out of Australia, where one-third of marriages end in divorce, digs into the factors that lead to marital stability. Using numbers from seven waves of the Household, Income and …

movies to watch with dad fathers day

Movies for Father’s Day

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A holiday designed to celebrate dads and everything they do for us, Father’s Day is almost here. It’s an opportunity to remind our dads how grateful we are for everything they do, to commemorate parental bonds, and applaud their influence on our lives. You can celebrate fathers and fatherhood in …

how can you protect your business in divorce

When Business Partners Divorce

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During a marriage, your life becomes intertwined with that of your spouse. Possessions often belong equally to both parties, which is a big reason why the division of property can be such a contentious part of divorce. Splitting belongings at the end of a union can become heated and complex, …

generational perception of divorce

Outlook On Divorce & Family Have Changed

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Marriage may be an institution, but it’s not immune to change. What marriage is, what it means, how important it is; all of this and more have transformed dramatically over time. Some shifts are massive and easily recognizable. Others are subtle, changing across many years, so gradual you hardly notice …

what do you do if you find out you aren't the father

Paternity Fraud

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We love our children. For many of us, they form the center of our universes. That is a big reason why custody disputes are so often heated, complicated, contentious affairs. In these cases, there is guardianship to determine, visitation schedules to arrange, child support payments to make, and more. But …

divorce for famous couples

Ozzy Osbourne & Divorce

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Celebrity marriages seem to come and go with every new round of the 24-hour news cycle. The lengths can be measured in months, or even days in a few cases. Which is what makes the relationship between heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, such an anomaly on …

how to handle arguments in divorce

Tips on Conflict In Divorce

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Few life events are as notorious for causing conflict as divorce. Not every single split devolves into an epic screaming match, but if we’re being realistic, if there was no friction at all, you probably wouldn’t be getting a divorce in the first place. Emotions are high and tempers can …

preparing for divorce

7 Things To Do Before Divorce

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Divorce is a process. It can be a long, complicated, drawn-out one. This can be a highly emotional time, one full of pressure and tension, and being prepared may help make sure nothing gets lost along the way. With that in mind, here is a checklist of things you may …