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Siobhan Curley

B.A. Anthropology and Political Science, Santa Clara University
J.D. California Western School of Law

divorce lawyer san diego californiaSiobhan Curley works closely with her clients to develop a strategy to help them navigate tricky legal waters and obtain the best possible outcome. She’s a valuable resource to the husbands and fathers of the San Diego area in divorce, custody, and other family law cases.

Always wanting to practice in a people-focused area, Siobhan gravitated to family law. Her passion grew out of an internship at the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program in the Domestic Violence Restraining Order clinic.

“I feel as legal professionals we are entrusted with a certain skill set and along with that comes a responsibility and drive to help advocate for others,” she says. “Family law is an opportunity to help people through one of the most difficult transitions in life. A forthright and conscientious guide through those trying times can truly help facilitate a smoother transition.”

Passionate about giving back to her community, Siobhan volunteers her time with numerous charitable organizations. She’s worked with Community Law Project and Amnesty International, among others, and received a number of awards and commendations for her service.

Siobhan attended Santa Clara University, where she earned her BS in anthropology, with a minor in political science. From there, she worked her way through law school at the California Western School of Law in San Diego, where she received her Juris Doctor.

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, Siobhan was raised to love all things outdoors. She trained as a yoga instructor in India, enjoys live music and hula hooping, and, more than anything, adores spending time with her family, especially her sister, brother-in-law, and her twin niece and nephew.


Siobhan is the best advocate you could ever ask for. She is relentless in your advocacy for you. She will never settle for less than what is fair. Go with her because she will fight for you. She did for me.


At the very beginning of my divorce I had no idea what to do or where to go. I knew I needed to leave the toxic marriage I was in, but I felt totally lost as to how to get out. If you are in this situation, or don’t know where to go, go to Goldberg Jones.

More specifically, ask for Siobahn to be your attorney. Within an hour of meeting her, we already had a plan to move forward with separation. Her diligence and professionalism allowed me to gain my independence without losing everything in the process. Siobahn actually listened to my desired end state in the divorce, and used her knowledge to make it happen. I cannot stress how easy the whole process was due to Siobahn and her team.


I want to thank Siobhan Curley for helping me settle an issue literally overnight. She stepped in when I needed support and walked me through the steps I needed to take to remedy an issue. She was kind, clear, and very knowledgeable about the law.

After we met, I completed the steps she told me to take and the issue was resolved the very next morning! I can’t thank her enough. She is such an intelligent and supportive human being. Immediately after we spoke, I felt calmer and more in control of the situation. Please reach out to her if you need legal advice, she is incredible!

-Jordyn H.

I reached out to Siobhan Curley for a consultation, the service I received far exceeded any expectations I could have dreamt up! I was not sure if my issue would ever see the light of a courtroom, but I was certainly nervous and completely lost. Siobhan went above and beyond to advise me and make me feel comfortable. Her patience and compassion was a guiding light during a very difficult time.

Her knowledge of the law, and careful advice, probably kept me out of the courtroom. Although I did not end up needing to hire council in the end, if the need should ever arise in the future, I would not hesitate to call and retain Miss Curley. Highly recommend this firm, especially Siobhan Curley! Thank you endlessly!!!

– Bmouzoon

Siobhan instantly made me feel comfortable and got to work immediately, implementing a sound game plan and well thought out strategy. Siobhan is attentive, extremely thorough, always one step ahead… She is Patient and takes her time to really make her client understand what’s going on and what’s to come, also very easy to get ahold of.

She always seemed to be working on my case behind the scenes even when I didn’t hear from her. Siobhan never folded under pressure and made sure that all decisions being made were in my best interest, and if it wasn’t in my best interest, it wasn’t happening.

What in the beginning seemed like an insurmountable wall, slowly crumbled and thanks to Siobhan, everything is now going in a favorable direction for me and I will soon be back to normal custody with my child. I will see my child for the first time in six months this coming weekend and it is because of Ms. Curly and her will to triumph in the name of good fathers everywhere. I highly recommend Ms. Curly to any father who feels lost or overwhelmed… Siobhan will not let you down. Thank you Siobhan, I am forever grateful.

– Jackson

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