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Michael Steiner

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

The University of California, San Diego, BA
California Western School of Law, Juris Doctor
A skilled, experienced family law practitioner, Michael Steiner stands committed to guiding his clients through every step of their case and helping them achieve an optimal result. He’s a fierce advocate and a huge asset to the husbands and fathers of the San Diego area.

Beginning his career in one of California’s largest bankruptcy firms, Michael has a varied legal background that prepares him for wherever a case goes.

The son of an attorney, Michael gravitated to family law because of the human component and transitioned to handling divorce, child custody, spousal support, and related cases full time. He recognizes how difficult these circumstances can be and aims to shepherd his clients through trying times.

Managing attorney Zephyr Hill says, “Michael is a terrific communicator. He knows how stressful and tough divorce can be, but he’s able to immediately put his clients at ease and give them confidence in his abilities. When he’s on the case, they know it’s going to be okay.”

When he’s not fighting for the rights of his clients, Michael can often be found spending time with his children. A San Diego native, he also enjoys playing guitar, hockey, and taking in the Southern California scenery on his motorcycle.

Client Reviews

Michael Steiner is the best lawyer I have ever used. My wife's lawyer tried to pull fast one by telling my lawyer we were going to court to set a trail date, then showed up fully prepared with a group of witnesses and demanded the trail occur that day. Michael with 30 minutes of notice had to take on an entire day long trail on the spot.

He discredited every witness she had and made her witnesses fully discredit all of her testimonies. He then had 2 days to prepare my entire restraining order. He annihilated her lawyer. He is the best cross examiner you have ever seen and his attention to detail is incredible. His closing states seal the deal.

Keep in mind getting a restraining order is an extremely difficult thing to get. He requested a one year restraining order, when he was done the judge issued a two year restraining order, allowed me to keep my dog and allowed me to be the sole occupant of my house. He is the one you are looking for. Like the one you see in the movies.

William M.
Michael Steiner helped me through both my divorce and modification of custody for my children. As a father, obtaining 50/50 custody is no easy task, especially while in the military. Unfortunately, it's takes a lot of "proving" to mediators and the court that it is in fact in the children's best interest to be with their father an equal amount of time.
Involved fathers matter too and Michael spent a great deal of time making sure my only hope became a reality. I was able to receive the outcome that was the healthiest, safest and most emotionally appropriate for my children. Thank you Michael for all you put up with and did for my family. It is people like you that truly make a difference!
I worked with Michael Steiner and the experience was great I highly recommend him he made me feel comfortable and made sure I was always informed gave me frequent updates and got me divorced within 6 months he made the process very easy and fast. Thanks again to Michael Steiner and his team at Goldberg Jones.
Attorney Michael S. Steiner is a pleasure to work with. he has excellent communication and people skills. He takes the time to explain everything in a way without the legal jargon and make it easier to understand, which helps during such uneasy times. Mike is professional and you could tell that family values really matter to him. I would recommend him to anyone in need of divorce or family services. Thank you again!
Vickelly L.
I am a loyal client of Mike Steiner. He has assisted me on several legal matters, in a very professional and personal Manner of which all have resulted in a very positive outcome. Mike goes out of the way to stay in touch and make sure I know the progress on every step of the way. His confidence level always made me feel good. Highly recommended!!
I would like to thank you for allowing attorney Michael Steiner to assist me in my case with Ms. Sheron James. He showed himself to be very professional in dealing with my case. He also was very patient with me in breaking down the details of my case to me. He also was very prompt in letting me know the details of my case when the judge rendered his decision. And if anyone was looking for a dedicated and loyal attorney I would highly recommend him.
Rev. Dr. Charles G. Glenn

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