Mackenzie Colt – Divorce Attorney

BA Social Sciences, University of Buffalo
JD Thomas Jefferson School of Law

san diego divorce attorneyA passionate, dedicated family law attorney, Mackenzie J. Colt is a strong advocate for her clients and a valuable member of the Goldberg Jones team in San Diego.

Compassionate and attentive, Mackenzie’s varied legal background prepares her for wherever a case may take her. An adept negotiator, she’s equally comfortable hashing out the details of a settlement as representing clients at trial.

A number of factors draw Mackenzie to family law. She says, “First, I believe, as a family law attorney, my actions have the most direct impact on a client’s life. There is nothing more important than our familial relationships. Especially to our children.”

Continuing, she adds, “I also love the connection with my clients. I am excited to fight on their behalf for the best possible outcome. It’s extremely fulfilling to see my clients happy with their results.”

Talking about Mackenzie, managing attorney, Zephyr Hill, says, “Mackenzie is a kind, earnest attorney who cares deeply about her clients. She immediately puts them at ease and keeps their best interests at the forefront at all times.”

Mackenzie received her bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the University of Buffalo. Following that achievement, she earned her Juris Doctor from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law here in San Diego, where she has practiced ever since.

When not fighting for the rights of those she represents, Mackenzie spends as much time as possible with her own loved ones. Outside of work, she can also often be found playing music, working out, or cooking healthy food at home.

Mackenzie is amazing. She is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. She helped me with a domestic issue, and I am so grateful for her and her council.

Mackenzie is superb! She has excellent people skills, she gets back to me very quickly, and above all else, she knows the work inside and out. I really appreciate her attention to detail and concern for my situation. A gem of a lawyer you can rely on indeed!

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